1921 Malabar Rebellion

To commemorate the spirit of defiance in the face of authoritarian forces, A fragrance inspired by the fearless leaders of Malabar rebellion. Walk with confidence and head held high with this aroma of bravery.

Sultan is a unique blend of distinct notes, which harmonize to give its characteristic oriental aroma. Bergamot, Oregano and Pimento Berry Oil give it its distinctive opening note, which gives way slowly to reveal heart notes of Amber, Frankincense, Cistus and Opopanax. The entire aroma is stabilized by the base notes of Leather, Sandalwood, Oud, and Patchouli, resulting in a lush fragrance of captivating aroma.

Our Collection

Bringing forward a dizzying array of fragrances that take you to the far reaches of the world. From Lapis Lazuli that reminds of a journey through the Silk Road to Coromandel Breeze which takes you to the shores of the Bay of Bengal.

Leonara is the culmination of our Le Parfum venture, created by incorporating results from years of experiments and industry experience in an effort to produce a unique, affordable and highly exquisite band of aromatic products exclusively for the Indian audience.

Established as La Parfum in 1993, our first product, Aqua Regia was a breakout hit in the UAE market.

over three decades of perfecting the art of perfume…

By synthesising unique aromas blending Oriental and Parisian tastes, we were able to create a new world of perfumes for our Arab customers.

Leonara will recreate that magic for our Indian customers by coming out with a slate of products, combining India’s rich and diverse array of traditional aromas with modern cosmopolitan fragrances.

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